Catering Information

Our private chef service is $30.00 per hour for a minimum of 3hrs. We also offer wait staff for $25.00 per hour for a minimum of 3 hrs for this function menu. All meals on our menu can be made gluten free, dairy free and vegan.

Corporate Lunch Menu

Everything on this menu can be made gluten free, dairy free & vegan on request. Pre orders only please.

1. Crispy vegetarian Buddha balls w/ Vietnamese rice noodle salad, fresh coriander, mint, kaffir lime chilli dressing, crispy shallots & satay sauce. $18.00 (inc GST)

2. Roast pumpkin & macadamia salad w/ feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, lentils, basil pesto, seeded mustard aioli, leafy greens & fresh lemon. $17.00 (inc GST)

 Add grilled chicken, smoked salmon or two Buddha balls. $5.00

3. Middle Eastern eggplant salad & avocado salad w/ feta cheese, olives, semi dried tomatoes, baby capers, cucumber, red onion, leafy greens, fresh coriander, mint & green tahini mint dressing. $17.00 (inc GST)

Add grilled chicken, smoked salmon or two Buddha balls. $5.00

4. Ploughman’s lunch box w/ cured meats or vegan style or Scandinavian style – GF on request. $21.00 (inc GST)

5. Crispy eggplant ELT w/ seasoned fries, eggplant, artichokes, cucumber, chargrilled capsicum puree, garlic aioli, leafy greens, vegan feta cheese & semi dried tomatoes – V, DF, GF on request. $17.00 (inc GST)

Add fries $3.00

6. Homemade pie of the day w/ tomato relish & leafy green salad – V, GF, DF. $15.00 (inc GST)

Add fries $3.00

7. Crispy skin salmon w/ olive tapenade on chargrilled Mediterranean vegetable salad, leafy greens, fresh lemon & herbs – GF, DF.  $25.00 (inc GST)

8. BLAT w/ seeded mustard aioli, basil pesto, fresh tomato, leafy greens & avocado – GF, DF, V on request. $17.00 (inc GST)

Add fries $3.00

9. Buddha Belly laksa w/ rice noodles in a coconut lemongrass broth w/ shiitake mushrooms, fresh Asian herbs, sprouts, kaffir lime, crispy Buddha balls & satay sauce topper – V, GF, DF. $17.00 (inc GST)

10. Coconut chicken lemongrass curry infused w/ kaffir lime w/ shaved cucumber & coriander salad, steam rice, fresh lime, Nepali chilli relish & papadums. $19.00 (inc GST)

Add Buddha balls w/ satay sauce $5.00

11. Buddha Belly vegan crispy fried jackfruit curry rice paper spring rolls w/ Asian chilli caramel dipping sauce, kaffir lime infused satay sauce, Asian herbs, sprouts & lettuce. $16.00 (inc GST)

12. Crispy Asian flash fried squid w/ seasoned fries, lime chilli aioli, Asian inspired salad, chilli caramel sauce, soy sauce & fresh lime. $19.00 (inc GST)

Banquet Menu

$55.00 per person (Inc GST)

Served w/ Crusty Bread & Butter

Banquet meat choices (Please choose two of the following)

1. Italian style slow roasted lamb w/ chargrilled capsicum, capers, olives, anchovies, thyme, orange & white wine – V, GF, DF.

Our Lamb is slow roasted in all the beautiful aromatics until the lamb is falling apart and has all of the flavours of Italy…delicious!

2. Spiced roast confit of duck w/ star anise, cinnamon & orange w/ plum caramel vinegar – V, GF, DF.

3. Herb & mustard roast fillet of beef w/ salsa verde – V, GF, DF.

4. Asian roast pork belly w/ Chinese spices & Szechwan peppers w/ Asian style caramel sauce – V, GF, DF.

5. Prosciutto wrapped stuffed chicken supreme w/ lemon, feta cheese and fresh herb stuffing & creamy lemon caper white wine sauce – V, GF, DF.

6. Crispy skin salmon with macadamia and herb dijon crust with sauce vierge – V, GF, DF.


Banquet salad choices (please choose three of the following)

1.  Middle Eastern roast eggplant & avocado salad w/ toasted pine nuts, olives, leafy greens, marinated feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, smokey baba ghanoush & basil lemon dressing – V, GF, DF.

2.Roast pumpkin macadamia & lentil salad w/ wild rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, basil pesto, seeded mustard aioli, chèvre goats cheese, fresh basil & lemon – V, GF, DF.

3.  Roasted baby fennel & potato salad w/ dill horseradish cream dressing, fresh herbs, baby capers & lemon – V, GF, DF.

4. Vietnamese rice noodle salad w/ fresh coriander, mint, crispy shallots, bean shoots, kaffir lime infused satay sauce & nuoc cham dressing – V, GF, DF.

5. Smoked salmon, avocado and asparagus salad w/ wasabi mayo, fresh lemon & herbs – V, GF, DF.

6. Roasted baby beetroot & caramelised walnut salad w/ baby spinach, marinated herb labneh & pomegranate molasses dressing – V, GF, DF.


All Appetisers/Canapés are able to be made gluten free and dairy free on request. We also have a vegan option with plant based ingredients that replicates our existing menu.

Large platter boxes are $150.00 each (inc GST) and serves 10 to 12 people.

All individual serves of street food including lunch and dinner are $30.00 per person (inc GST). Each serve is popped into its own bamboo boat and placed into platter boxes.


Options to go in these boxes are:

1. Buddha balls w/ kaffir lime infused satay, sweet chilli caramel, Asian herbs & crispy shallots – V, GF, DF

2. Moroccan lamb meatballs w/ preserved lemon, feta cheese, fresh mint, toasted pine nuts, mini papadums & coriander coconut yoghurt – V, GF, DF

3. Asian confit duck fried rice paper spring rolls w/ spiced plum caramel glaze, sweet bean sauce, Asian herbs & crispy shallots – V, GF, DF

4. Sri Lankan coconut dahl mini puff pastry pasties w/ Nepali chilli tomato relish, cucumber coriander yoghurt, fresh coriander & mint – V, GF, DF

5. Asian spiced salt n pepper flash fried squid w/ chilli lime aioli, soy Sauce, fresh lime, & fresh salad – V, GF, DF

6. Bombay chicken sliders w/ spiced mango chutney, lettuce, pickled cucumber & Nepali chilli mayo – V, GF, DF

7. Cheesy Mexican corn fried croquettes w/ avocado guacamole, tomato salsa & lime aioli – V, GF, DF

8. Zesty lemon, spinach, mushroom & ricotta pot sticker dumplings w/ Nepali chilli tomato relish, coriander & fresh lemon – V, GF, DF

9. Crispy pork belly mini bahn mai rolls w/ pâté, pickled vegetables, Asian herb salad & chilli aioli sauce – V, GF, DF

Complimented with a spiced chilli plum caramel vinegar dipping sauce

10. Welders Dog beer battered prawns w/ Indian mint coriander sauce, chilli lime aioli, fresh salad & lemon – V, GF, DF



Alternate Drop Menu

Served w/ crusty bread and butter

Two Courses $60.00 (Plus GST)
Three Courses $75.00 (Plus GST)

Choose two entrée meals out of the following:

1. Pan fried seared scallops w/ crunchy apple salad with Asian caramelised ginger chilli dressing – V, GF, DF.

2. Vietnamese crispy prawn & rice noodle salad w/ kaffir lime & chilli dressing, fresh coriander & mint – V, GF, DF.

3. New England smoked rainbow trout & jersey milk gouda cheese croquettes w/ smokey lemon mayonnaise, fresh dill & cucumber salad – V, GF, DF.

4. Loaded Moroccan lamb meatballs w/ preserved lemon, smokey eggplant, feta cheese, beetroot hummus, pine nuts, fresh coriander, olives & toasted pita bread – V, GF, DF.

5. Spinach, lemon & ricotta gundi (nude ravioli ) w/ burnt sage & walnut butter, fresh herbs & parmesan cheese – V, GF, DF.

6.Crispy vegetarian Buddha balls w/ kaffir lime infused peanut satay sauce, fresh Asian herbs, crispy shallots & nuoc cham dressing – V, GF, DF.


Choose two main meals out of the following:

1. Crispy Asian spiced pork belly w/ seared scallops in their shell w/ orange caramel vinegar, sautéed Asian greens, roast pumpkin puree, pickled pear & watercress – V, GF, DF.

2.Crispy skin salmon w/ tomato, olive & caper ragout with leek confit & champagne beurre blanc, fresh herbs & lemon – V, GF, DF.

3. Pan roasted fillet of beef mignon w/ prawns in white wine pan jus served w/ herb buttered green beans, asparagus, caramelised pine nuts, kumara puree & candied prosciutto – V, GF, DF.

4. Prosciutto wrapped chicken ballotine stuffed w/ ricotta, spinach & lemon served w/ caprese asparagus, olive tapenade butter, fresh basil leaves,
spiced duck confit w/ plum & cider jus, served w/ lemon thyme roast potato scallops, sautéed collards in garlic butter & caramelised roast apple puree – V, GF, DF.

5. Chermoula roasted lamb rack w/ charred eggplant puree, toasted pine nuts, roasted cherry truss tomatoes, lemon herb feta cheese, coriander & shaved cucumber salad – V, GF, DF.


Choose two desserts out of the following only if you are having three courses

1. Bitter Italian chocolate torte w/ zabaglione semifreddo & fresh berries.

2. Tropical crème brûlée w/ coconut ice cream & mango passionfruit salsa.

3. Mini pavlovas w/ lemon curd, chantilly cream, summer fruit salad & berry coulis.

4. Lemon meringue tart w/ berry compote vanilla bean ice cream.

5. Pina colada & mango sundae w/ toasted coconut.

6. Caramelised banana pudding with butterscotch sauce & vanilla bean ice cream.

Wedding cake is served w/ chantilly cream & berries $5.00 per person (inc GST).

Grazing Platter

All Grazing Platters have the option to be gluten free, dairy free and vegan upon request.

Buddha Belly Kitchen has created a beautiful grazing platter for all guests to enjoy. Whether it be for a relaxed evening to a special event, Buddha Belly has you covered with homemade locally sourced cheeses, pâté, cured meats, dried fruits, olives, preserves, dips, terrines, fresh fruits, crusty breads & an assortment of crackers.

Small Board (serves for 4-6 people): $85.00 (inc GST) 

Medium Board (serves for 6-8 people): $165.00 (inc GST) 

Large Board (serves for 8-10 people): $225.00 (inc GST) 

Extra Large Board (serves 10-12 people): $285.00 (inc GST)

All Grazing tables are $15.00 per person. Minimum spend is $650 (inc GST).



Grazing platter


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